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Robi Bondho Sim Offer 2019 – unused Robi sim internet offer

Do you have a Robi SIM and you are not using it for a long time ? Well, There are some offer for your as you hold Robi bondho sim. It’s called Come back offer. And if you come back with your Unused SIM, you can sue the 10 GB Robi internet data at only Tk 101. And you will enjoy Robi 4.5G  (actually 4G 🙂 ) internet experience.  So, lets get into the that Robi Bondho Sim Offer.

As you already know, its about an unused sim. first you need to assure about your eligibility.  To check that offer follow down below.

Guidelines for Closed Connection – check Robi Bondho Sim Offer

To know if this offer is applicable to your closed connection or for you also. Write a Free SMS from any Robi Number by folloing the instruction like this,

Type A  018xxxxxxxx Send to 5080 .  or dial *5080# from your Robi Bondho sim.

This offer will continue till the next announcement from Robi. That means if the do not announce any update on it  or close, you can use  it.

10 GB internet usage rules for this Offer

  • 5 GB internet Packs for any use, means whatever you can do with this 5GB internet.
  • 5 GB for use only in 4G network, that means if you have a 4g enable set and you have converted to 4G network and under 4G coverage, you can use this extra 5GB 4G data plan.
  • The Validity of this package is 15 days only.
  • You can use 24 hours a day actually 24 x 15 = 360 hours 😀
Check online at

if you want to check this or you want to test your number in internet , you can go to robi offer page and put your number to check eligibility of your closed or unused robi sim offer.

Click here 

follow the link above to check.

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