Ramadan calendar 2019 in Bangladesh

Ramadan is the 9th month of Muslim Year. Next month the Ramadan is coming to the Muslim Ummah.  Arabic Month depends on Moon as it follows moon Calendar.  But we have an approximate Ramadan calendar 2019 in Bangladesh. Once we see the Moon, we will change in accordingly if needed.

Ramadan calendar 2019 in Dhaka Bangladesh

This year, Ramadan will come on 6th May 2019 ( Approximately as it depends on Moon). That means 1st Ramadan 2019 in Bangladesh will be May 6, 2019. Still we did not get updated Ramadan Calendar  time table from Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh. Once we have that, we will add that also here in our Ramjan calendar.

Ramadan 2019 Bangladesh time table will be Dhaka based here in this post. But if you are from Different District, we have an app for your that can let you know District Wise Sehri Iftar timings 2019 – Ramadan in Bangladesh.

Ramadan Chandler 2019 Bangladesh
Ramadan calendar 2019 Bangladesh

Download the Android App  ২০১৯ সেহরি ও ইফতারের সময়সূচী from Google Play Store, it’s very light wight.

Dhaka Ramadan calendar 2019 Bangladesh

Following Ramjan Time table is based on Dhaka. But if you are from other Districts, we recommend you to download our Android App. The link given above.

RamadanMay / JuneSehri Last time
as warning
Fazar Waqt
Start Time
0106 May Monday3:59 am4:05 am6:30 pm
0207 May Tuesday3:58 am4:04 am6:30 pm
0308 May Wednesday3:57 am4:03 am6:31 pm
0409 May Thursday3:56 am4:02 am6:31 pm
0510 May Friday3:56 am4:02 am6:32 pm
0611 May Saturday3:55 am4:01 am6:32 pm
0712 May Sunday3:54 am4:00 am6:33 pm
0813 May Monday3:53 am3:59 am6:33 pm
0914 May Tuesday3:53 am3:59 am6:34 pm
1015 May Wednesday3:52 am3:58 am6:34 pm
1116 May Thursday3:51 am3:57 am6:35 pm
1217 May Friday3:51 am3:57 am6:35 pm
1318 May Saturday3:50 am3:56 am6:36 pm
1419 May Sunday3:50 am3:56 am6:36 pm
1520 May Monday3:49 am3:55 am6:37 pm
1621 May Tuesday3:48 am3:54 am6:37 pm
1722 May Wednesday3:48 am3:54 am6:38 pm
1823 May Thursday3:47 am3:53 am6:38 pm
1924 May Friday3:47 am3:53 am6:39 pm
2025 May Saturday3:46 am3:52 am6:39 pm
2126 May Sunday3:46 am3:52 am6:40 pm
2227 May Monday3:46 am3:52 am6:40 pm
2328 May Tuesday3:45 am3:51 am6:40 pm
2429 May Wednesday3:45 am3:51 am6:41 pm
2530 May Thursday3:45 am3:51 am6:41 pm
2631 May Friday3:44 am3:50 am6:42 pm
2701 June Saturday3:44 am3:50 am6:42 pm
2802 June Sunday3:44 am3:50 am6:43 pm
2903 June Monday3:43 am3:49 am6:43 pm
3004 June Tuesday3:43 am3:49 am6:44 pm

So, as you can see, we have added  Sehri Last time as warning as well as Fazar Waqt Start Time.  And Ifter Time of up coming Ramadan.

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