Banglalink Monthly Internet Package

Banglalink monthly internet package offer – BL monthly package

if you plan for a month package of your Banglalink SIM connection, well we are here to share the monthly internet package offer of Banglalink. In short, people call bangla link as BL. So, lets tall about monthly data plan for both postpaid and prepaid internet. These could be best cell phone plans for your BL connection.

We found 3 useful monthly data plan package of Bangla link from their web page. Those are 3GB, 5GB and 7GB internet Pack. And in a single table, we put them together with Validity and Activation Code. Also you can activate those package by recharge some Specific Amount in your phone. So, lets get into BanglaLink Internet Package

Bangalink Monthly Internet Package 2019

BL Monthly Data Plan Package, Validity and Activation code table.

Data PackageRecharge AmountValidity Activation Code
2 GB Internet Pack209 Tk30 DaysActivation code dial, *5000*581#
5 GB Internet Pack399 Tk30 DaysActivation code dial, *5000*599#
7 GB Internet Pack499 Tk30 DaysActivation Code Dial, *5000*508#

Banglalink Others Internet Monthly Pack

We found some other BL monthly Internet Pack but now a days not in the Banglalink Web Site. We hope those are still available.  And to try those Bagnla link month wise Data Plan, pleas have a look on the list below.

Data VolumeValidityUSSD CodePrice
250 MB Regular Internet Pack30 DaysUSSD Code Dial, *5000*501#47 Tk
750 MB Regular Internet Pack30 DyasActivation Code Dial, *5000*503#119 Tk
1.5 GB internet pack30 DaysActivation Code Dial, *5000*581#209 Tk
5 GB Internet Pack30 DaysUSSD Code Dial, *5000*508#499 Tk
3 GB Regular Internet Pack30 DaysUSSD Code Dial, *5000*599#399 Tk
25 GB Regular Internet Package30 DaysActive code dial, *5000*510#1,799 Tk
1.5 GB internet (1.5 GB bonus)30 DaysUSSD code dial, *5000*581#209 Tk

Note : We are here just shearing the information taken from Banglalink website. We are highly recommend you to visit for latest updates as they may change their users policy or offer any time. Use the hassle-free, Banglalink monthly internet offer.

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