Banglalink 1GB and 2GB New net offer

Banglalink 1GB 31tk and 2GB 42tk Internet Offer 3 days validity

Banglalink new 1GB 31tk and 2GB 42tk Internet Offer is now available to purses. Banglalink’s great offer is more than happy to see everyone browsing. Banglalink subscribers now can buy 1 GB internet offer package only 31 taka for 3 days.  And same for 2GB data plan pack of 42 tk. So, lets get into details of BL 1GB of 31tk and 2GB of 42TK internet package with validity of 3 days.

Banglalink 1 GB internet @ 31 Tk. Banglaink Offer Details

  • Banglalink 1GB internet package activation code dial, *5000*31# or recharge 31 Taka.
  • Your reaming internet balance check to dial, *5000*500#.
  • You can buy banglalink internet packs multiple times.
  • Money will not be credited to the original account if banglalink number is recharged by 31 taka.
  • This price includes all taxes.
  • Also, to stop auto-renewal, type “renew off vol” and send SMS to 5000. To activate Auto-Renewal, type “renew on vol” and send SMS to 5000.
  • To renew the pack, dial *5000*566# to press or press 2 to turn auto-renewal.
  • Click “Recharge Now” and follow the instructions to activate the online pack.
  • If your internet pack volume is completely exhausted, you will be charged 1 / GB of pay-as-you-go rate (all VAT, supplementary duty and surcharges), 10KB pulse. After 5.6, your pay-as-you-go internet connection will stop.

Banglaink 2GB internet pack only 42 Tk

  • 2GB internet pack activation code to dial, *5000*42# or recharge Tk 42.

Banglalink 2 GB and 1GB Internet Pack Terms are the same

Note : We are here just shearing the information taken from Banglalink website. We are highly recommend you to visit for latest updates as they may change their users policy or offer any time.

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