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Teletalk Internet Offer 2019 All Teletalk Internet Package

Teletalk has cost effective intern packages. With Teletalk, you can use heavy internet package and the rate of package on so much like others. We have prepared a list of data plan offered by Teletalk mobile operator.  So, lets get into All Teletalk Internet Offer 2019.

In this mega TeleTalk internet Package page, we have added following package info, you can easily navigate using this navigator

  1. Regular Internet Package List
  2. Agami Internet Offer
  3. Bornomala Internet Package
  4. Oporajita Internet Package
  5. Mayer Hasi Teletalk Internet Offer
  6. Corporate Teletalk Internet Data Package

Teletelk 9 Tk 45MB Internet Offer Pack

Teletalk offers 45 MB internet package now at 9 tk . Activation code is  *111*501#  and can be used in any Teletalk number. Validity of this package is 2 days.  To check  internet balance, type u  and send it to 111 .

2 GB TeleTalk internet package Now 33 Tk Only

Teletalk internet offer package. Now 2 GB internet data only 33 Tk. Validity of this data package 2 day . You can activate this by just recharge. and you just need to recharge 33 tk in your Teletelk number or also there is an Activation Code, Dial *111*33# . This data plan can be availed by any Teletalk subscriber. To Check teletalk data balance, go to message option, then type u and send to 111 from your Teletalk number.

Teletalk Internet Offer 5 GB Only at 151 Tk

Another now teletalk internet package 5GB  of data only at tk151 . To active this, you can recharge 151 Tk  or  can use a activation code  *111*151# . The validity of this package is 7 days. Same like other package, type u and send 111 number to check the internet balance.

Teletalk Regular Internet Package List 2019

See more Teletalk data package below in the table list. This are some of regular data package offered by the phone operator. Internet balance checking process same like other package. just type u and sent to 111 suing your Teletalk Phone Number .

Data VolumePriceValidityActivation Code
45 MB9 Tk2 Days*111*501#
100 MB18 Tk3 Days*111*502#
150 MB24 Tk7 Days*111*512#
250 MB28 Tk3 Days*111*503#
300 MB39 Tk10 Days*111*513#
1 GB112 Tk15 Days*111*521#
2 GB33 Tk2 Days*111*33#
2 GB ( 1 GB + 1 GB Bonus)78 Tk(1 GB 10 Days)
(1 GB Bonus 5 Days)
1 GB111 Tk30 Days
( Can be used 12 AM to 6 PM)
2 GB167 Tk15 Days*111*522#
2 GB (1 GB + 1 GB Bonus)201 Tk(1 GB 30 Days)
(1 GB Bonus 7 days)
5 GB151 Tk7 Days*111*151#
10 GB249 Tk10 Days*111*249#
30 GB449 Tk30 Days
(Per day 1 GB Used)
4 GB (2 GB + 2 GB Bonus)301 Tk(2 GB 30 Days)
(2 GB Bonus 10 Days)
8 GB (4 GB + 4 GB Bonus )391 Tk(4 GB 30 Days)
(4 GB Bonus 15 Days)
1 GB + 1 GB168 Tk30 Days
(1 GB Use can be 24 Hours/day)
another 1 GB data
Can be used 12 AM to 10 AM only
5 GB445 Tk30 Days*111*550#
10 GB835 Tk30 Days*111*551#
15 GB1002 Tk30 Days*111*552#
25 GB1169 Tk30 Days*111*553#
40 GB1669 Tk30 Days*111*554#
60 GB2225 Tk30 Days*111*555#

Teletalk Agami Internet Offer

below are some of internet data plan for Teletalk Agami subscribers. let’s see those package down below.

6 Tk 20 MB  Teletalk Agami Internet Offer

Teletalk Agami internet offer 6 tk at 20 mb internet. Buy this data package using activation code D43 . Data validity of this package is 24 Hours. Normally validity of this package is 1 day.

21 Tk 1 GB Teletalk Agami Internet Offer

Now teletalk Agami Subscriber internet data plan of 1 GB internet package only @ tk 21. Recharge 21 taka only to active this. The validity of this package is  only  2 Days.

Let us have a look on some of Agami subscriber data plan in a single table.

Data VolumeRecharge AmountValidityUSSD CodePrice
1 GB94 Tk30 Days*111*544#94 /=
1 GB21 Tk2 DaysN/A21 /=
5 GB334 Tk30 Days*111*545#334 / =
10 GB159 Tk10 DaysN/A159/=
20 MBN/A1 DaysD436 /=
1 GB43 Tk30 DaysN/A43 /=
1 GB21 Tk2 DaysN/A21 /=

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Package 2019

As you already know, Teletalk has many SIM Package. Bormomala one of them and some of data plan we share here down below.  Lets have a look on  data plan for Bornomala Package down below.

Data VolumeRecharge AmountValidityActivation CodePrice
500 MB70 Tk30 Days*111*571#70 Tk
1 GB21 Tk2 DaysN/A21 Tk
1 GB53 Tk30 DaysN/A53 Tk
1 GB104 Tk10 Days*111*572#104 Tk
6 GB400 Tk30 Days*111*573#400 Tk
10 GB159 Tk10 DaysN/A159 Tk

Teletalk Oporajita Internet Package

Oporajita package are specially for girls of Bangladesh and has very low price internet package. Let’s see those

8tk 1GB Internet Oporajita Offer

Teletalk internet offer oporajita for first 3 months at 8 taka 1GB internet offer available for newly perched connection.   Take Offer buy now, 1GB activation code is *111*8#.  Validity of this package is 7 days.

18 Tk at 1 GB internet offer Oporajita

Teletalk oporajita internet package now 1 GB internet pack only  18 tk , after first 3 month of perches of new connection. Activation code *111*18# or recharge 18 tk to your oporajita Teletalk number . To check your internet data balance, type u  and to send 111 .

Some other data plan for Oporajita Subscriber.

Data VolumeRecharge AmountValidityActivation CodePrice
1 GB8 Tk for first 3 months Activation7 Days*111*8#8 Tk
1 GB18 Tk2 Days*111*18#18 Tk
2 GB
(1 GB regular data
& 1 GB bonus Data)
36 Tk(Regular 7 Days)
(Bonus 1 Day)
*111*36#36 Tk
1 GB89 Tk30 DaysN/A89 Tk
10 GB149 Tk10 Days*111*149#149 Tk
2 GB
(250 Minute any operator)
& (100 SMS any operator)
199 Tk30 Days*111*199#

Mayer Hasi Teletalk Internet Offer

Teletalk Mayer Hasi is a  free SIM for students and their mothers having stipend in Primary education.

Data VolumePriceValidityUSSD CodeShort Code
1 GB79 Tk30 Days*111*79#D79
2 GB131 Tk30 Days*111*131#D131

Corporate Teletalk Internet Data Package 2019

As inform at the top, Teletalk has some corporate pack with high volume of data. We have collected some of those data pack information and make a table for you. Have a look on the corporate data plan in the below table offered by TeleTalk.

Data VolumePriceValidityUSSD Code
2 GB160 Tk30 DaysCP01
5 GB300 Tk30 DaysCP02
10 GB500 Tk30 DaysCP03
15 GB675 Tk30 DaysCP04
25 GB1000 Tk30 DaysCP05
40 GB1400 Tk30 DaysCP06
60 GB1800 Tk30 DaysCP07

Note  *** : We are here just shearing the information taken from TeleTalk website. We are highly recommend you to visit for latest updates as they may change their users policy, data plan or offer any time.

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