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All Teletalk Monthly Package 2019 – TT Monthly Internet Offer

Teletalk monthly package offer are listed in this page. We have collected all month wise data pack of teletalk. Teletalk offer 19 different month basis internet package for their customer. As you already know, TT has many different SIM package and yes, monthly data plan are different of those packages also.

Teletalk Internet Monthly Package Offer – Bornomala SIM Package

This table of TT dataplan shows Bornomala SIM Monthly internet Package.

Internet PackageRecharge AmountValidity Activation Code
1 GB Internet Pack104 Tk30 DaysActivation Code dial, *111*572#
500 MB Data70 Tk30 DaysActivation Code dial, *111*571#
6 GB Internet Pack400 Tk30 DaysActivation Code dial, *111*573#
1 GB Internet Package53 Taka30 DaysRecharge taka 53 . Bornomala new SIM. Only for first 3 month after active.


Teletalk Monthly Internet Offer – Agami SIM

Monthly internet package for Teletalk Agami package.

Data VolumePrice ValidityActivation Code
1 GB Internet data43 Tk (recharge amount)30 DaysOnly for first 3 months after activation
1 GB Internet94 Tk30 DaysActivation code dial, *111*544#
5 GB Internet Pack334 Tk30 DaysActivation code dial, *111*545#


Teletalk Monthly Regular Data Pack

Internet Volume PriceValidityActivation Code
30 GB Internet Pack449 tk only30 daysActivation Code dial, *111*449#

Oporajita SIM Monthly Internet Offer

Teletalk Oporajita Monthly Internet Package chart list that you can use per month.

Internet DataPrice ValidityUSSD Code
1 GB Internet Pack89 Tk30 DaysRecharge tk 89
2 GB Internet (250 minute any network)199 Tk30 DaysActivation Code dial, *111*199# or Recharge Tk 199

Mayer Hasi Monthly Internet Pack

Teletalk Mayer Hasi package monthly internet data plan chat.

Data Internet VolumePriceValidityUSSD Dial Code
1 GB Internet79 Tk30 DaysUssd Code Dial, *111*79#
2 GB Internet Pack131 Tk30 DaysUSSD Code Dial, *111*131#

Teletalk Internet Monthly Offer – Corporate Data Package

This table belongs to those who have a corporate connection. Specially company people can avail this Corporate Monthly internet data plan.

Internet VolumePrice AmountValidityShort Activation Code 
2 GB Internet Pack160 Tk30 DaysCP01
5 GB Internet Pack300 Taka30 DaysCP02
10 GB Internet Pack500 Tk30 DaysCP03
25 GB Internet pack1000 Tk30 DaysCP05
15 GB Internet Data675 Tk30 DaysCP04
40 GB Internet package1400 Tk30 DaysCP06
60 GB Internet Package1800 Tk30 DaysCP07

Note : We are here just shearing the information taken from teletalk website. We are highly recommend you to visit for latest updates as they may change their users policy or offer any time.

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