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Robi Internet Offer 2019 – Robi All New internet packages offer 2019

Robi Internet Offer 2019. The second largest mobile network coverage holding mobile operator is Robi. And has a huge bunch of internet package with lot of offers. We are here sharing you all possible details of All Robi ( former Aktel ) internet packages  and offers. Let’s have a look on Robi Internet Offers and internet data plan.

Robi All New internet packages and robi data offer 2019

as you already know that they have lot of data plan package and offers, we try to short out most used internet packaged first and then make a table to make you understand better. In this data plan list of Robi, we have hi-lighted flowing.

Robi 20 Tk 200 MB Internet

Robi 200 MB internet 20 TK . The validity of this package is 24 hours only. You can active this pack easily, just dial *121*20#. need Internet balance check? dial *123*3*5# from your robi number .

1GB robi offer – 1GB internet only Tk 25

Enjoy 1GB internet at 25 Tk.only on robi. 1GB robi activation code to dial, *123*025#. To avail this offer. This 1Gb internet package validity 1 days. This internet reaming balance check to dial, *3#.

robi youtube pack 2019 – Robi 1GB YouTube Pack

1GB YouTube pack only 45 taka. YouTube pack activation code dial, *123*1024# to avail this offer. This offer can be availed by dialing USSD code or Mobile Balance. To check your reaming internet balance dial, *3#.

2GB + 1GB 4G Internet now 41 Tk

3GB internet only 41 TK. The validity of thie package is 2 days . You can active this by just recharge 41 TK and Dial *121*041# . Robi Internet *123*3*5# for data balance check .

Robi 4GB Internet Offer 108 Tk

2GB + 2 GB 4G internet offer now can 108 TK only .Take it Internet pack dial *121*0108# . Now balance check *123*3*5# for data .

Robi Social Internet Package Offer 2019

Social internet package the below in the table list . Chose your all data plan and You can take a variety of data packs from the table .

Data VolumeRecharge AmountValidityUSSD CodePriceAuto Renewal
7 MB (Regular)N/A1Day*8444*4#2.44 /=Yes
20 MB (FB + Viber)N/A1Day*8444*202#2.44 /=Yes
20 MB (FB + IMO)N/A1Day*8444*203#2.44 /=Yes
20 MB (FB + WA)N/A1Day*8444*0102#2.44 /=Yes
25 MB (Regular)6 /=1DayN/Aas rechargedNo
25 MB (Viber IMO WA)N/A1Day*8444*0101#1.22 /=Yes
40 MB ( FB )N/A1Day*8444*04#4.87 /=Yes
40 MB ( WA )N/A1Day*8444*06#4.87 /=Yes
40 MB ( Video Pack )N/A1Day*8444*21#4.87 /=Yes
45 MB (Regular)N/A1Day*8444*21#12.18 /=Yes
45 MB (Combo Bundle)13 /=1Dayas recharged13.39 /=No
80 MB (Social Pack)N/A7Day*8444*080#6.09 /=Yes
80 MB (Social Pack)N/A7Day*8444*080#6.09 /=Yes
100 MB (Regular)N/A10Day*8444*10019#23.13 /=Yes
100 MB (Video Pack)N/A1Day*8444*110#12.18 /=Yes
120 MB (Regular)46 /=28Day*8444*100#46.87 /=Yes
150 MB (Regular)N/A7Day*8444*2007#29.22 /=Yes
175 MB (Regular)N/A10Day*8444*0175#40.18 /=Yes
200 MB (YouTube Pack)N/A1Day*123*200#9 /=Yes
200 MB (Regular)N/A1Day*123*0020#20 /=Yes
250 MB (Social Pack)N/A28Day*8444*0250#12.18 /=Yes
250 MB (IMO)N/A28Day*123*56#12.18 /=Yes
500 MB (YouTube Pack)N/A3Day*123*500#25 /=Yes
1GB (YouTube Pack)N/A7Day*123*1024#49 /=Yes
1.5GB (FB + YouTube )101 /=7Day*123*101#101 /=Yes

Robi Internet Offer 2019 List – Robi Regular Offer

Heavy robi internet offer form table list below .  You can chose your data package . robi recharge internet offer 2019 and robi activation code.

Data VolumeRecharge AmountValidityUSSD CodePriceAuto Renewal
500 MB (Regular)N/A7Day*123*049#49 /=Yes
500 MB (Regular)N/A2Day*123*50030#36.53 /=Yes
500 MB (Regular)N/A3Day*123*789*2#37.74 /=No
500 MB (Regular)149 /=28Day*123*0149#149/=Yes
750 MB (Combo Bundle)N/A10Day*123*149#149/=Yes
1GB (Regular)209 /=28Day*8444*500#209.06/=Yes
1GB (Regular)89 /=7Day*123*089#89/=Yes
1GB (Combo Bundle)278 /=28Day*123*3*4*3#284.9/=No
1GB (Streaming Pack )N/A7Day*123*789*1#64.53 /=No
1GB + 250MB Content ( Regular )98 /=7Day*123*099#98 /=Yes
1.5GB (Regular)228 /=28Day*123*228#228 /=Yes
2GB (Regular)316 /=28Day*8444*85#316.15 /=Yes
2GB ( Regular)364 /=Unlimited*8444*85#364.03 /=Yes
2GB ( Regular)129 /=7Day*123*02#129 /=Yes
2.5GB (FB + YouTube)N/A28Day*123*2048#337 /=Yes
3GB + 500MB Content(Regular)249 /=7Day*123*0249#249 /=Yes
3GB + 1GB Content(Regular)489 /=30Day*123*0489#489 /=Yes
3.5GB (Regular)N/A28Day*123*2560#427 /=Yes
4GB (Regular)N/A7Dayas recharged179 /=No
7GB (Regular)649 /=28Day*123*7168#649 /=No
7GB+3GB content (Regular)889 /=28Day*123*0889#889 /=Yes
10GB+8GB Cont+Free Robi TV (Regular)1489 /=30Day*123*01489#1489 /=Yes
30GB+20GB Cont+Free Robi TV (Regular)2989 /=30Day*123*02989#2989 /=Yes
30 GB (4.5G internet )Recharge 999 Tk90 DaysActivation code dial, *123*00999#999 TakaNa

** Note**:

Thought we are always try to update our info page, we are here just shearing the information taken from robi website. We  highly recommend you to visit for latest updates and offer as they may change their users policy / internet packages or offer any time.

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