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Robi Bundle Package Offer – Robi Internet, Minutes & SMS Package Offer 2019

Robi brings the bundle pack. By purchasing a certain amount of minutes in Robi, you get sms, internet package offers. Enjoy the Robi Bundle offer as much as you like only in Robi. See the details below for more details about Robi 2019 bundle offer. choice your robi new all bundle package offer.

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Robi Bundle Package Offer Condition

Robi prepaid customer as wish robi bundle offer buy now . offer buy account balance or easy load at buy offer now and robi minute, internet offer code list.

  • Robi internet balance to check to now *8444*88#.
  • To check your minutes *222*8#.
  • Remaining credit limit: * 222 * 666 #.

robi bundle offer now avail chose your robi internet & minutes offer package. buy minutes at internet offer pack. offer details below to table list and enjoy. robi all new bundle package.

SMSActivation CodeValidityAuto
29 tk29 minutes150 MB29 SMSRecharge 29 taka7 daysN/A
58 tk (Prepaid)30 minutes600 MB30 SMSdial, *123*058# or recharge 58 Tk7 daysN/A
58 Tk (Postpaid)30 minutes600 MB30 SMSDial, *123*058# or recharge 58 Tk7 daysN/A
251 Tk (Prepaid)150 minutes2 GB150 SMSDial, *123*251# or recharge 251 Tk30 daysN/A
251 Tk (Postpaid)150 minutes2 GB150 SMSDial, *123*251# or recharge 251 tk30 daysN/A
489 Tk205 minutes3 GB200 SMSDial, *123*0489# or recharge 489 taka30 daysN/A
59 Tk100 minutesN/AN/ADial, *0*5#7 daysN/A
485 Tk600 Minutes4 GB100 SMSDial, *0*1#30 dyasN/A
972 Tk1200 minutes8 GB100 SMS*0*2#30 days
485 TK (Including VAT)600 minutes4 GB100 SMS*123*3*4#30 DaysYes
972 TK (Including VAT)1200 minutes8 GB100 SMS*123*3*4#30 DaysYes
1824 Tk (Including VAT)2400 minutes24 GB100 SMS*123*3*4#30 DaysYes
999 Tk (Including VAT)1000 minutes4 GBNoSMS: P999 to 855530 DaysYes
499 Tk (Including VAT)500 minutes2 GBNoRobi prepaid number to SMS:P499 to 855530 DaysN/A
365 TK (Including VAT)240 minutesN/AN/ARecharge Amount 365 Tk30 DaysN/A
244 Tk (Including VAT)400 minutesN/AN/APrepaid number to SMS:P200 to 855530 DaysN/A
189 Tk (Including VAT)250 minutes1 GB200 SMSeasy load 189 tk or acitvaiton code , *123*189#30 DaysN/A
183 Tk 300 mintesN/AN/A*123*50*6*2#30 daysN/A
118 tk215 minutesN/AN/Arecharge 118 taka10 daysN/A
104 Taka (Including VAT)180 minutes600 MBN/Arecharge 108 tk7 daysN/A
122 Taka200 minutesN/AN/Arecharge amount, 122 tk15 DaysN/A
99 TK180 minutesN/AN/AEasy Load robi number, 99 tk7 daysN/A
61 tk recharge100 minutesN/AN/Arobi prepaid number to sms, P50 to 855510 DaysN/A
53 tk recharge85 minutesN/AN/A*123*53#7 DaysN/A
30 tk50 minutesN/AN/ASMS: P25 to 8555 number10 DaysN/A
18 Tk30 minutesN/AN/ARobi number to P15 to 85554 DaysN/A
12 TK20 minutesN/AN/AP10 to 8555 robi prepaid number3 DaysN/A

We are here just shearing the information taken from robi website. We are highly recommend you to visit www.robi.com.bd for latest updates as they may change their users policy or offer any time. enjoy robi internet & minutes package offer buy now.

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