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Robi Internet Bonus Offer 2019 – Robi Recharge Interet Offer 2019

bKash and rocket account at Regular internet package can be bought at a fixed price to 100%  internet bonus offer. That is, you will get bonus up to 100% if you buy certain data from bKash and rocket. Now use more internet than Robi operator, At the lowest cost. See the list below for more details about Robi Internet Bonus offer.

To enjoy up to 100% internet offers, please recharge and save from rockets or bKash. Click here to view the previous internet packs, Robi All New Internet Package Offer 2019

Robi 2GB Internet Offer –  2GB Internet Only 27 Tk

bKash and Rocket account at Robi any number fixed price recharge do it. 2 GB internet pack is available on the internet bonus. 27 tk at recharge 2GB (1GB Regular/YouTube) pack and 350 MB internet package bonus . The validity of this package regular 2 Days. Bonus internet package validity of this 2 Days. To check your internet balance *123*3*5#.

Robi Internet Package Offer Details List

See more robi internet package below the table list. Your internet package chose and recharge bKash or rocket account at. enjoy robi internet package to 100% bonus offer. robi recharge internet offer.

RechargeData VolumeValidityData Bonus VolumeBonus Validity
27 taka recharge2GB (1GB Youtube Pack)2 Days350 MB2 Days
37 taka recharge1 GB2 Days350 MB2 Days
61 taka recharge3 GB3 Days750 MB3 Days
74 taka recharge750 MB14 Days750 MB3 Days
94 taka recharge1 GB7 Days750 MB3 Days
101 taka recharge1.5 GB7 Days500 MB7 Days
119 taka recharge500 MB30 Days500 MB7 Days
199 taka recharge10 GB (7GB any network + 3GB 4G)7 Days1.5 GB7 Days
228 taka recharge1.5 GB28 Days1.5 GB7 Days
337 taka recharge2.5 GB28 Days2.5 GB7 Days

We are here just shearing the information taken from robi website. We are highly recommend you to visit for latest updates as they may change their users policy or offer any time. recharge and enjoy your robi internet bonus offer package.

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