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Imran Hossain asked 1 year ago

how to create onpassive account

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Imran Hossain answered 1 year ago

create onpassive account

Artificial intelligence is unpassive.In short, all internet solutions are non-passive.Let’s see how to open a nonpassive account in the below section.

Click here create onpassive account

To open onpassive account you can search onpassive from your smart phone or computer or click here onpassive account

After searching by typing onpassive, the above options will appear, from there click on the red marked onpassive text.

After clicking, the following options will appear.

Now click on the above red marked register entry. After clicking, the following options will appear.

After clicking on the register entry, the option as shown in the above image will appear.Complete the options marked in red to create a passive account.

  • First name              Example: rakib
  • Last name             Example: hossain
  • Careate your o-mail                  Example: [email protected]
  • create password:          Example: Example:Klahsd*#1
  • Confirm password        Example: Example:Klahsd*#1
  • Enter your alternative Email      Example: [email protected]

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