online birth certificate check Bangladesh

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nayem asked 2 years ago

kivabe online a birth certificate check korbo?

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Imran Hossain answered 2 years ago

What is birth registration?
Birth registration is the first name written in the official register after birth. The only way to legally inform a country or the world about the birth of a child is to register the birth after birth. This is the first legal step to ensure a newborn’s name and nationality. Birth registration is a right of every adult, including children. It falls into the category of civil rights.
online birth certificate check Bangladesh
Birth registration is usually done at Union Parishad and Municipality. Is recorded in one word. Her right to register the birth of the baby. Now we can easily check the birth certificate online. Government of Bangladesh has introduced birth certificate check system. This allows us to easily check our birth certificate at home. Let’s look at the bottom.

online birth certificate ch

To check birth certificate online, first type from your smart phone.  After checking, a portal will appear in front of you where you give the number 17 of your birth registration. Then your date of birth, day, month, year .Put the captcha code in the last part.
Example : 9875929457294876 
Then click on the Search button