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Imran Hossain Staff asked 1 year ago

How to grameenphone  Power load Offer check ?

1 Answers
Imran Hossain Staff answered 1 year ago
To load the power load on the Grameenphone, dial * 222 * Your phone number * Recharge Amount #. Example, *222*017………..*49# to dial. Dial the next steps in phases.Or alternatively, you can just get flexiload from GP Retailer or you can recharge your account from bKahs also. It will work. GP Power Load Offer Pack 
  • Powerload 5 GB 76 Tk only.
  • 10GB 129 tk Only.
  • Grameenphone 30 Gb 398 Tk.
  • 40 gb internet 469 tk