GP All Internet Offer 2019

GP internet offer 2019 – GP All New Internet Offer Package 2019

Hi Friends, today I will discuss about some of useful data plan of GrameenPhone. GP internet offer 2019. In this post, we shared a lot of  GP internet offer 2019 as a table so that you can choose your data plan very easily. Lets get into the topic about GP MB Offer 2019.

250 MB Internet Offer 31 Tk

GP 250 MB internet 3G only at 31 TK and the validity of this package is 3 days only. You can active this by just recharge. and you just need to recharge 31 tk in your GrameenPhone number. This data plan can be availed by any GP subscriber, both pre-paid and post-paid.

2 GB Internet Now 38 TK – GP 2GB Internet Offer 2019

GP 2GB internet packs only 38 tk and the validity of this pack is 2 days. To  active this , you just need to recharge amount 38 tk in your GrameenPhone phone. Or you can use MyGP app to to get it.

1 GB GP Internet Offer 86 TK for 7 days

1GB internet packs now only 86 Taka and the validity of this pack is 7 days. you can active this in another was and that is you just need to recharge amount 86 tk in your GrameenPhone phone .

1.5 GB Internet Packs Offer 104 TK

Now 1.5GB internet packs only 104 taka and the validity of this pack is 7 days . you just need to recharge amount 104 tk in your GrameenPhone phone .

GrameenPhone internet packages Offer 2019 – GP all internet offer 2019 Packers List

for your reference, we make table based internet package so that you can compare and choose your right plan.  Have a look on the table down blow.

GP Social Internet Packs 2019

All social pack that you can you are in the below table.  You need to go to GP website to active this social packages. Individual Data package activation link are given in the  table.

Data VolumeRecharge AmountValidityActivation linkPriceAuto Renewal
20 MB (Social Pack)1.5/=1 DayClick here1.5/=Yes
75 MB (Social Pack)6/=7 DayClick here6/=No
200 MB (Social Pack)18/=28 DayClick here28 /=No
40 MB (Video Pack)6/=1 DayClick here6/=No

GP Recharge Internet Offer 2019

You can activate blow GP internet Pack just by recharge the amount for respective data plan. Recharge amount are in the below table with data package details. GP internet package offer 2019.

Data VolumeRecharge AmountValidityUSSD CodePriceAuto Renewal
85 MB Regular37/=7 DayN/A37 /=No
115 MB Regular56/=30 DayN/A30 /=No
250 MB Regular31/=3 DayN/A31 /=No
555 MB Regular149/=28 DayN/A149 /=No
2GB Regular38/=2 DayN/A38 /=No
1GB Regular86/=7 DayN/A86 /=No
1.5GB Regular104 /=7 DayN/A104 /=No
1538 MB Regular229/=28 DayN/A229 /=No
2049 MB Regular129/=7 DayN/A129 /=No
2.5GB Regular337/=28 DayN/A337 /=No

Heavy GP Internet Package Offer 2019

We sometime need Heavy Internet package, that time you can use below package offered by GP internet. Check this data table of GP internet package code and list.

Data VolumeRecharge AmountValidityUSSD CodePriceAuto Renewal
3.5GB Regular427/=28 DayN/A427 /=No
6 GB Regular609/=28 DayN/A609 /=No
12GB Regular1157/=7 DayN/A1157 /=No
18 GB Regular1522/=28 DayN/A1522 /=No
30 GB Regular2436/=28 DayN/A2436 /=No
3GB Regular148/=7 DayN/A148 /=No
4GB Regular179/=7 DayN/A179 /=No
6GB Regular199/=7 DayN/A199 /=No

So, that was some short of GP internet list for you so that you can find all in a single pales and pic your required data plan. Do not forget to ask us if are looking for something different. We will try to collect data come back to you. And we believe, GP also will love to come up with new internet package so that we, the user, have a good experience with them.

Note: We are here just shearing the information taken from GP website. We highly recommend you to visit for latest updates as they may change their users policy or offer any time.

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