Robi Surprise Offer package

All Robi Surprise Offer 2019

Surprise, Surprise , Surprise. Robi brings a lot Surprise internet offer as well as combo minutes and data plan for you. All Robi Surprice package are listed blow with activation code, validity and volume. Take your own internet pack and enjoy.

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Robi Surprise bonus Internet Offer 2019

Robi bonus internet package and Robi surprise pack. Now choose your internet MB Plan.

Package Name & VolumeRecharge AmountValidityUSSD Code
100 MB internetRecharge amount  17 Tk3 DaysN/A
150 MB internet PackRecharge amount 23 Tk3 DaysN/A
2 GB internet packRecharge amount  41 Tk3 Daysactivation code Dial 123*041#
1 GB internet packrecharge amount 89 Tk7 Daysactivation code *123*089#
1.5 GB internet packrecharge amount 101 Tk7 Daysactivation code  *123*0101#
2 GB + 2GB 4Grecharge amount 108 Tk7 Daysactivation code *123*0108#
3 GB + 3 GB 4G internet packrecharge amount 129 Tk7 Daysactivation code *123*0129#
7 GB regular + 3 GB 4G +(Iflix, Robi TV, Robi screen,

Mysports subscription)

Recharge amount 199 Tk7 Daysactivation code *123*0199#
250 MB internet packrecharge amount 46 Tk30 Daysactivation code *123*110#
1 GB internet packrecharge amount 119 Tk30 Daysactivation code *123*0119#
2 GB internet packagerecharge amount 209 Tk30 DaysUSSD code Dial *123*209#
4 GB internet packagerecharge amount 316 Tk30 DaysUSSD code dial  *123*316#
6 GB + (Iflix, Robi TV, Robi screen, Mysports subscription)recharge amount 501 Tk30 DaysUSSD Code Dial *123*501#
10 GB + (Iflix, Robi TV, Robi screen, Mysports Subscription)recharge amount 649 Tk30 DaysUSSD Code Dial, *123*649#


Robi Combo Offer Pack

Robi bundle offer . robi minute, internet and SMS package offer 2019 . See blow table list.

Data Volume + Minute PackRecharge PriceValidityActivation Code
30 minute + 30 SMS + 600 MB Internetrecharge amount 58 Tk7 Daysactivation Code Dial, *123*058#
1 GB Internet + 50 Minute + 100 SMSrecharge amount 98 Tk7 DaysActivation Code Dial, *123*098#
2 GB + 150 minute Talk Time + 150 SMSrecharge price 251 Tk30 DaysActivation Code Dial, *123*251#

Robi Internet & Minute package Condition

  • Robi all customer at offer avail,
  • Your reaming internet balance check to dial, *3# or myRobi apps to balance check .
  • Internet pack costs include all taxes.

Note: We are here just shearing the information taken from robi website. We are highly recommend you to visit  for latest updates as they may change their users policy or offer any time.

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